The Real Truth Behind The Hacking of Central Bank of Kenya Website 3

We woke up today to the news that the website of Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) had been hacked yesterday night.  As i was reading about the story from a number of local online news sources each of them was not comprehensive enough to give me obvious questions of why and who exactly carried out the hacking.

So i decided to do my own digging and this is what i have been able to come up with so far:

I started by analysing this message below that the hackers  left on the CBK website after they hacked it (The CBK website was cleaned and restored yesterday at 11PM so don’t waste your time looking for this message )


After a 30 minutes of searching on the internet i was able to come up with some answers that could answer my questions.

What i got is that the attack was carried out by a member of the Gaza Hackers Team. First of all, Gaza Hackers Team as the name suggests is a team that came to limelight in late 2011 when Israel was attacking the palestinians in The Gaza Strip. The hackers in the Gaza strip rallied together and formed Gaza Hackers Team, to retaliate by hacking into Israeli Government websites. As the Israeli army was raining shells on the Gaza strip the Gaza Hackers Team had their own digital bombardment in which they went on a spree of website defacement and takedown attacks and calling on their members to flood forty sites with junk web traffic designed to knock them offline.

In my research i was able to identify a the member of a forum based website affiliated to the Gaza Hackers team, whom i believe was the one who was responsible for the hacking.

Look at the screenshot below carefully and will you will get all the answers of my questions


I used google translate but essentially this is an Arabic website and so some of the sentences might not be grammatically correct but you get the message. You need to login so that you can get to see urls on the CBK domain that were compromised.

This guy by name of aywanvictori i believe is the one who did the Hacking but working under the umbrella name of Gaza Hackers Team.

The Gaza Hackers Team do also have a facebook page shown below


This guy below was so disturbed about the hacking incident that he decided to post on their page



Now atlest we know who did it and why

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