New Clerk On Your Gmail, Organizes Your Mails into Tabbed Categories

Gmail_logoGmail inbox is once again getting an update. This time, my favorite email client is getting a new look as the inbox will now have messages arranged in tabs. These tabs are used to group your incoming mails into 5 categories namely

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates
  • Forums


General Overview

The main objective of Google introducing these categories to Gmail  is to filter all the incoming messages into one of the above categories and in the long run give you control of your inbox. Watch the video below from the guys at Google on the new look of Gmail

Lets take a look of what messages, each of the above categories holds

Primary Tab

This tab will hold mails from your friends, family and workmates. In other words its represents the standard inbox which will hold all of your usual emails other than those from the social networks, promotions, updates and forum networks. You will find most of your regular mails here

Social Tab

This tab will hold all those messages from the social networks. Messages from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc will all land here. This is a great plus not only for me but also millions of people out there using Gmail. It’s sometimes annoying that in a short period of time you can get upto 50 messages from twitter and facebook which are not really important to you. Do not get me wrong, yes i would really love to know who poked me on Facebook but when it comes to priority my clients, friends, family etc mails do come first.

Promotions Tab

This tab will house all your deals, offers and any other promotional related emails. Examples of promotional emails can be in the form of the ones shown here from my inbox


Updates Tab

This tab is for all those notifications, receipts, bills, and statements you receive. Some of the types of emails you will get here include the status of services or products you had requested/ordered.

Forums Tab

As the name suggest all the emails from forums, online groups, discussion boards and mailing list will all be placed on this tab.


You can customize and personalize the way you want your tabs to look like or you can even decide to do away with it altogether if you don’t like the new look. By default the new look comes with only three enabled tabs – Primary, Social and Promotions as shown below



To add more tabs you just click on the “+” sign as shown below


You will be presented with a screen similar to the one below where you will select the extra tabs that you want. Remember that you can only have a maximum of  5 categories. If you don’t want this new look of tabs you can just uncheck all the categories apart from the primary. You can not uncheck the primary tab as this is the default tab that will hold all the incoming mails when all other tabs are not enabled. Click on save to effect the changes


After setting up the tabs and you are not happy with the way Gmail has filtered your current messages, you can drag and drop the messages between the tabs according to they way want them to be filtered and Google will automatically learn how to filter them in future

The New Look on Mobile

This new look of Gmail is not limited to desktop version only, Gmail for Android 4.0+ and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps have also been updated* with the new look as show below for the Android


image courtesy of gmail blog


Final Thoughts

This new look is a plus for Gmail as user experience is enhanced, especially on touch screens.The way we used to organize our messages into folders will now become something of the past. One negative criticism of this new look though is that Google is looking to introduce a new way of advertising aiming at your promotions tab, this is according to this article on It claims that some of the promotions you receive on the promotions tab are not the among the ones you had subscribed to. Sincerely, i have not received any messages of that nature. As shown on an earlier image on promotions tab all the mails there are from sources that i have subscribed to, but lets watch and see as how this unfolds in the near future. For the time being lets enjoy the new “clerk” on Gmail organizing for us our inbox

What are your thoughts on this new look? Join the discussion on the comments section below.

*Gmail for iPhone and iPad will be updated soon after being approved by Apple Inc.

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